10. API Reference

Python object layer and workflow encapsulation for Tanium’s API.

10.12. Environment Variables used throughout PyTan

10.13. Version Information

Version information for PyTan.

pytan3.version.__version__ = '3.0.0'

str – Version of package.

pytan3.version.__url__ = 'https://github.com/tanium/pytan3'

str – URL of package.

pytan3.version.__author__ = 'Jim Olsen'

str – Auth of package.

pytan3.version.__title__ = 'pytan3'

str – Title of package.

pytan3.version.__project__ = 'PyTan'

str – Name of package.

pytan3.version.__author_email__ = 'jim.olsen@tanium.com'

str – Author email of package.

pytan3.version.__description__ = 'Tanium API workflow encapsulation.'

str – Description of package.

pytan3.version.__license__ = 'MIT'

str – License of package.

str – Copyright of package.

10.14. Exceptions for all of PyTan

Parent exceptions and warnings for the PyTan package.

exception pytan3.exceptions.PyTanError[source]

Parent exception for all pytan3 errors.

exception pytan3.exceptions.PyTanWarning[source]

Parent warning for all pytan3 warnings.