3. Installation

PyTan is actively maintained on GitHub, where the code is always available.

Make sure you have installed a supported version of Python.

Installing PyTan via pip or pipenv will automatically install all of the necessary dependencies.

3.1. Install into the system site-packages using pip

$ pip install pytan3

Read more about pip

3.2. Install into a virtual environment using pipenv

$ pipenv install pytan3

Read more about pipenv

3.3. Clone the pytan3 repository using git

$ git clone git://github.com/tanium/pytan3.git

3.4. Directly from GitHub

Get the master branch which will always be the most recent stable release, or download a specific version from the releases page.


It is planned to create a batteries included distribution of PyTan for Windows that will include Python 3.7.x as well as PyTan and all of its dependencies.

Planned for version: 3.2.0