4. Future Releases

4.1. 3.1.0

Rough ETA: 2019-04-01

  • enhancement: Add workflows from PyTan v2
  • enhancement: Add API commands for ImportObject, ExportObject, VerifySignature, and UploadFile
  • enhancement: Add ability for test suite to automatically use Authentication Store
  • enhancement: Add utility to generate Authentication Store
  • verify: Verify that options supplied in REST tanium-options header do not conflict with options supplied in URL as parameters

4.2. 3.2.0

Rough ETA: 2019-05-01

  • enhancement: Add Command Line Interfaces
  • enhancement: Add API interfaces to API Clients: module API passthru, /hash API, /string API, /file API, /cache API
  • enhancement: Create a batteries included distribution